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All graduates of Georgia State University are members of the Alumni Association. Beyond that, Lifetime Membership in the Alumni Association is the best way to engage and connect with the university. Promote your Panther Pride by joining the Alumni Association.

Georgia State Alumni Association life membership not only makes a bold statement about Panther pride, it helps current and future students overcome financial barriers to achieve their dreams of earning degrees. The Alumni Association matches the dollar amount of life memberships paid in full as a gift to the Alumni Association Scholarship Endowment.

As a lifelong Panther, your Alumni Association is the best way to stay connected with the resources and memories of your Alma mater. Membership has a far-reaching impact on Georgia State through the Association’s work to grow advocacy efforts, expand scholarships, connect alumni and develop community relationships.

*For a limited time, the Georgia State Alumni Association will match all paid-in-full life memberships (the actual amount paid) with a contribution to the Scholarship Fund.

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